LITE Finalist Feature: Maddie Cooper (Dance Showcase)

Name-Maddie Cooper

High School/Year-Power Center Academy, Senior

Colleges Maddie is interested in-MIT, Dillard, & Xavier

Community Problem-Memphis lacks culture and unity throughout the entire city. Dance goes unnoticed and lacks awareness in the less fortunate areas on Memphis.

Maddie’s Solution-I plan to bring dance awareness to the communities that are less fortunate and lack dance studios and teams in its’ area.

Why Maddie is pursuing this idea-I have been dancing all of my life. I have been through struggles all of my life also. Dancing really helped me to get through my times of struggle. I know that if it can save me, it can also save others. 

Why Maddie believes in LITE? I have seen LITE in action working with other people in the past. Everything was persistent, which led to many ideas being successful. Seeing those ideas of others come to life made me believe that LITE could do the same for my idea. 

How LITE is helping Maddie with her long-term goals-We are currently doing weekly meeting for weekly updates. It is helping me to become more organized throughout the week. It is also preparing me for the real world after high school, considering all of the responsibilities that it requires to actually make your idea a success. 


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